Sensing Evolution

Discover some of the most important ideas in the theory of evolution with TV’s Steve Backshall and Professor Alice Roberts

The Sensing Evolution videos below offer:

  • Two levels of learning: Discover, presented by Steve Backshall, for children aged 8+ and families; and Investigate, presented by Professor Alice Roberts, for teenagers and adults
  • Key ideas in the theory of evolution, including natural selection, sexual selection, heredity and genetic variation, fossil evidence, and more
  • Information designed for school groups, with links to national curriculum themes on evolution
  • Multiple choice questions pick up important ideas in the videos

Sensing Evolution was originally created as a scavenger hunt mobile trail of some of the Museum's displays. It used specimens to unlock crucial ideas about evolution: how does life adapt, how does it change, and how did we get to be here at all? Since the Museum's displays have changed, the mobile app is no longer available. The videos from it, presented by Steve Backshall and Alice Roberts, are still available below.

Watch the introductory videos from Steve Backshall and Professor Alice Roberts: